New Van Sale Figures Not Looking Good

Motor traders who are involved in the sale of new vans will be disappointed to read that the number of such vehicles in the up to 3.5 tonnes category registered in the UK in April 2022 amounted to 21,597 with … Continue reading

The Cost Of Car Insurance Has Gone Up

There are a lot of van owners who also happen to own a car so you may find it of interest to hear that the amount motorists are paying to insure their cars has, on average, gone up in the … Continue reading

March Sees Fall in Light Commercial Vehicle Registrations

Due in part to the supply problems with semiconductors that is a worldwide problem, the number of new light commercial vehicle registrations dropped by a huge 27.6% in March 2022 when compared with the same month last year here in … Continue reading

New Van Sales Reduce In February

February 2022 was not a good month for the registration of new vans here in the UK that will disappoint those businesses involved in the light commercial vehicle market. It is not just those businesses involved in selling new vans … Continue reading

Avoid Overloading Your Van

You only have to look on some of the news outlets on the Internet to see that a number of van drivers are pulled over by the police because they are found to have overloaded their vans. So, what are … Continue reading