Five Business Ideas To Set Up Using A Van

Owning or leasing a van presents a wonderful opportunity for you if you are considering starting up your own business as it enables you to consider even more types of business. Below we provide a list of just a few … Continue reading

Which Is The Safest Area In The UK To Drive A Van?

Van drivers will be conscious of the fact that the vehicle they are behind the wheel of is frequently bigger than a normal family saloon car so they will no doubt endeavor to take extra care when driving such as … Continue reading

New Van Sales Progressing Nicely

June 2019 was another good month for the sale of new vans here in the UK with the number of new vans up to 3.5 tonnes registered increasing by 13.5% when comparing the figures for the same month in 2018. … Continue reading

Van Drivers Should Take Extra Care In Bad Weather

The weather in the UK has not been all that good in recent weeks with torrential rain and high winds being a regular feature. It is these sorts of conditions that can cause problems for drivers of high-sided vehicles such … Continue reading

Van Drivers and the Highway Code

The AA has compared conviction statistics for both car and van drivers and discovered something rather interesting – van drivers are twice as likely to step out of line and break the rules of the road – the Highway Code. … Continue reading