What Could You Do When You Receive Your Van Insurance Renewal Notice

Here in the UK we are still in the throes of difficult economic conditions. Whether you are concerned at being able to pay the mortgage or rent on the family home this month and/or pay your creditors if you also … Continue reading

Van Crushed By Mistake

Ben Forrer,who is a 33 year old fireman, visited the recycling plant at Longford, Coventry in his van on behalf of a friend to dispose of an old cooker which was the environmentally thing to do and hopefully make a … Continue reading

Van Drivers Beware During The Olympics

Van drivers are advised to plan ahead when going about their business during the Olympic Games that starts towards the end of July. With London expected to have thousands more visitors during the summer period roads are likely to be … Continue reading

Van Sales Drop

Following an increase in van sales in May the market has turned yet again with June registrations down by 2.5 per cent compared to May’s rise of 6.7 % that had been the first rise in 2012. There were 22,287 … Continue reading

Business Drivers vs Private Drivers

Who do you think is more likely to have an accident- the business driver who is driving about in a van travelling long distances or the private motorist out for a Sunday jaunt through the picturesque countryside? Well, Total Accident … Continue reading