You only have to look on the Internet to see that there are a lot of van owners who have their vans broken into and the likes of tools and goods stolen from inside the vehicle. When this happens, it has a number of potential implications for the owner of the van.

For instance, if you are a tradesperson such as a carpenter, electrician or plumber and your van is broken into by a thief and your tools and spare parts are stolen, this may have potential implications as far as the running of your business goes. You may not be able to complete existing jobs or start a new one until you have replaced the things that have been stolen. This in turn may lead to a reduction in the profits that you make and may also result in you loosing future business due to a reduction in referrals from satisfied customers.

Therefore, it is important that you make your van as secure as possible. In this respect, you may wish to have security markings added to the windows of your van or you may want to stick a notice on your van advising potential thieves that your van is fitted with security features such as an alarm and an engine immobilizer. All these things may act as a deterrent to someone looking to steal items from your van.

It will also not come as a surprise to read that vans are stolen frequently so you may wish to take appropriate measures to reduce the possibility of this happening. For instance, you may wish to fit a steering-wheel lock and rather than leave your van on the roadside outside your home during the night it is probably going to be safer if it is left on your drive overnight or better still put away in your garage. When you arrive at a customer’s premises make sure that every time you remove something from your van that you will need to complete the job that you lock the vehicle. Never leave the keys in the ignition whilst the van is unattended.

Obviously, you will have suitable van insurance in place. If your cover is shortly due for renewal why not get in contact with us so that we can assist in obtaining a competitive van insurance quotation without any obligation to proceed. Nowadays, it is quick and simple to move your van insurance from one insurer to another insurance company at renewal.