A furniture maker has transformed a white, tradesperson’s Volkswagen van into a campervan that would be ideal to use for a short break. Mr Witt spent in the region of three months during lockdown renovating the van and it really does look very good.

The interior walls have been done out in wood paneling that will no doubt help keep the heat in. It has a double bed fitted making it ideal for a couple. There is a kitchen, table and a boiler. It has a sitting area. It also has a shower. It also has a skylight providing extra light into the vehicle.

Obviously, Mr Witt’s experience as a furniture maker was put to good use in carrying out the renovation of the van. Apparently, it has been sold for £39,000.

You can see a variety of photographs of the van in various stages of being fitted out on the Internet so why not take a look when you have a few minutes to spare. You will no doubt be suitably impressed at the work he has done and the end result. You will see that, from the outside, the vehicle just looks like a van but once you open the door you see the transformation.

There are no doubt a lot of vans that are converted into campervans in the UK by companies but there are probably not many individuals like the above gentleman who go to so much trouble to undertake such one-off conversions. If the above has whetted the appetite of some more people to have a go then so much the better.

The van will no doubt need to be suitably insured during the conversion work so this is something that you may wish to look into as it may involve some form of specialist insurance policy. We will continue to keep our readers up to date with interesting topics like the above.