If you are the owner of a van then you may be interested to read that, according to Logistics UK, there were a staggering 11,729 incidents on record of contents being stolen from light commercial vehicles/vans during the first 6 months of 2020. We are sure that you will agree this is a very large number and there will no doubt have been a significant number of vans that were also stolen.

The value of those contents will no doubt have amounted to a significant sum of money. Fortunately, many van owners will have suitable van insurance in place that would pay out towards meeting the cost of replacing those contents that have been stolen.

So, what can a van owner do to reduce the possibility of having their van broken into here in the UK?

Well, make sure that you do not leave your van unlocked even for a short period of time whilst unattended. If you pop into your local supermarket, perhaps to buy a sandwich for your lunch, make sure that the van is securely locked and that no windows are left open.

Whilst it may be a bit of a pain, if you are unloading your tools having arrived at a customer’s premises, make sure that you lock your van whenever you leave it to take your tools into a customer’s premises. Thieves will jump at every opportunity to steal your tools and equipment as they will no doubt have a resale value.

When you get back home after a long, hard day’s work, don’t be tempted just to leave your van parked in the street outside your home because you are tired. If there is the option either to put your van in a garage overnight or on your drive do so as a thief is less likely to try to steal a van that is kept in your garage or on the drive.

Make sure that any contents are put in the back of the van where they will be out of sight rather than left on the passenger seat of your van or on the floor of the passenger side.

Make sure that you have an alarm fitted to your van and strategically place stickers on your van notifying would be thieves of this fact to act as a deterrent.

Do make sure that you have suitable van insurance in place.