Owning or leasing a van presents a wonderful opportunity for you if you are considering starting up your own business as it enables you to consider even more types of business. Below we provide a list of just a few of the various sorts of businesses that a van could be used for.

  1. Removal firm – There are fewer people moving house than there were many years ago and an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to hire a van and complete the removal of furniture etc themselves. However, there are people who prefer to leave such a job to a professional such as the elderly. A large van would be required that is capable of transporting the contents of a property from one local address to another within a reasonable distance.
  2. Car Valeting – Whilst a lot of people wash their own vehicles on a weekend or take them to a car wash, a significant number of people prefer to use the services of a mobile car valeting service. In this respect, if you are considering setting up such a business, you will need a van to transport all the cleaning materials such as power jet wash etc.
  3. Dog Walking – We are a country of dog lovers but more and more couples are both having to work meaning that someone has to take responsibility for feeding a dog and taking it for a walk partly through the day. A van could be used by a dog walker to pick up 2 or 3 dogs from homes in the locality and take them for a walk.
  4. Courier – An increasing number of people are buying goods online and these need delivering. A van is required to pick up parcels from one delivery point and then deliver them to homes and businesses whether they are local or national drop offs.
  5. House Cleaning – If you are considering setting up a business cleaning homes and/or business premises then a van may be of benefit to transport all your own cleaning equipment and products around such as a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, brushes etc.

Of course, if you are setting up a van based business, then one of the types of insurance you will need to arrange is van insurance. In this respect, why not get in touch with us today to obtain a competitive quotation without any obligation.