Driving a van safely may be more difficult than driving a family saloon with one reason for this being because many vans are larger than cars and, therefore, are harder to manoeuvre in and out of tight spots.

We happened to come across some interesting research that was carried out by AXA Business Insurance and Road Safety Analysis in June 2014 into van drivers. The study found that van drivers are 142% more likely to crash their van whilst reversing than other vehicle drivers. Presumably one of the reasons why this is the case is due to the length and width of many vans that are often greater in size than a family hatchback. It is also not as easy to look behind you when reversing a van as many do not have a rear window like you have in a car so you may feel you need to have to rely on your wing mirrors and reversing sensors. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to physically check behind your van to make sure there is nothing behind you before you reverse and to reverse slowly.

If you drive a van then, apparently, you are 23% more likely to crash your van due to being tired than if you were driving say a car. Does this mean that some van drivers are driving their vehicles for too long a period and not taking enough breaks?

The study also revealed that van drivers are 47% more likely to be involved in a crash whilst tailgating than other drivers. Obviously, motorists should keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front so that in the event of the vehicle in front putting their brakes on suddenly the vehicle behind can stop safely and not go into the back of the vehicle in front.

Obviously, it is in the best interests of a van driver to drive with care as if you are involved in a road traffic accident this may lead to you paying more for your van insurance at renewal and that is something we are sure you will agree you could do without.