Christmas will soon be upon us as a result of which it is quite possible that an increasing number of people will be buying their food online to have it delivered to their homes at a convenient time. Online sales have also probably increased due to the coronavirus pandemic with more people preferring not to venture outdoors.

Well, apparently, Iceland Foods has decided to increase the number of vans they use to deliver food and drink to their online customers by 250. VMS Fleet Management is supplying the company with these additional vehicles as they have apparently done so for many years.

However, these new vans are going to be bigger than the vans in Iceland’s existing fleet. This will no doubt mean that the supermarket chain will be able to deliver to an increasing number of homes from each van that may benefit the company from a financial perspective.

The van in question is a converted, refrigerated Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 314.

Apparently, Iceland Foods has seen a huge increase in demand in the last 12 months or so from online shoppers. It is quite possible that you have seen one of their vans delivering to someone in close proximity to you or you may also be online shopping with them.

As you may be aware, there are numerous other supermarkets that offer a home delivery service to their online shoppers. For instance, you may have come across the likes of Morrisons, Waitrose, Sainsburys and Tesco vans whilst you have been out and about or seen one deliver your neighbour’s weekly shopping.

It is so convenient just to sit in front of your computer and spend a few minutes ordering your weekly food and drink shopping online and then choose a slot for the groceries to be delivered to your home by van. All you then need to do is unpack the items and put them in your storage cupboards and fridge/freezer.