In May 2020, as previously reported, there was a large fall in the total number of new vans being sold with only 7,541 being registered in the up to 3.5 tonnes categories with this being due to the impact of COVID-19. So, motor traders will be pleased to read that the number of new vans sold in June 2020 rose to 30.041 according to figures produced by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

June’s figure is still considerably below the figure for the same month last year when there were 39,929 new vans sold – a difference of 24.8% but at least sales are heading in the right direction.

On a year to date basis to June 2020, the number of new vans sold here in the UK amounted to 108,876 which is well below the figure for the same period last year when there were 196,418 new vans registered – a drop of 44.6%.

The most popular new van sold in June 2020 was the Ford Transit Custom with 5,930 being registered. In second place was the Ford Transit with 2,770 being registered. In third place was the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with 2,203 being registered. In fourth place was the Vauxhall Vivaro with 1,684 being registered. In fifth place was the Citroen Berlingo with 1,322 being registered.

Whilst no figures appear to be available recently for the number of second hand vans being sold here in the UK it is quite likely that there will have been a fall in such sales in March, April and May. As some motor showrooms started to re-open in June there may well have been an improvement in the sale of used vans.

We are sure that motor traders and others operating in the motor trade industry will be hoping that when the figures are made available for July 2020 there will be a further improvement. We will keep you updated.