There are a lot fewer vans and other motor vehicles on our roads here in the UK as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This is because of the lockdown put in place by the government. So, why has a well-known insurance company recently announced that it is to refund £25 to many of its van insurance and car insurance customers?

Well, insurance companies pay out significant sums of money each year to meet insurance claims due to vehicles either being involved in a road traffic accident or being stolen. As there are fewer vehicles on the roads, there will no doubt be less vehicles involved in crashes or being stolen.

The insurance company that has recently made the announcement is Admiral. The company intends to refund those customers who have insurance cover in place on their van or car as at the 20th April 2020 with the sum of £25. It expects to have refunded eligible policyholders by the end of May.

We are sure that van owners who are insured with Admiral will be pleased at the decision as any refund, especially in the current financial climate, has to be warmly welcomed. It will be very interesting to see if any other insurance companies decide to follow suit and agree to refund their van and car insurance policyholders with a sum of money.

Whilst talking about money, we thought we would also just mention that there are still many people who have van insurance who do not bother to shop around to see if they can get cheaper cover with another insurer having received their annual renewal notice about their van insurance. It is quick and simple to get a competitive quote from one or more other van insurers such as by using a price comparison website or you could use our services to see if we can help you save some money but at the same time have quality cover.