If you own a light van then it is quite possible that you do so because you are self-employed and need it to help run your business. For instance, you may be a plumber, electrician, builder or a carpenter and need it to carry your tools and spare parts. Due to the coronavirus, you may unfortunately not be able to take on as much work as normal as people may be reluctant to allow you into their homes. Your services may only be required for emergency repairs such as to repair a leaking tap.

Light van owners will be interested to read that the government has decided that if the MOT on your light van is due on or after the 30th March 2020 the expiry date for your MOT is to be extended by 6 months. You will be pleased to read that this will be done automatically just prior to your existing MOT expiring. However, please note that you will not receive a new MOT certificate.

As an example, if the MOT on your light van is due to expire on the 10th May 2020 then this will be extended until the 10th November 2020 and you will need to obtain your MOT by this date.

It is also worth noting that you will still be able to sort out your road tax. Furthermore, you will be pleased to read that your van insurance will remain valid but do bear in mind that you will still have to make sure that your light van is safe to drive.

Some of the checks that should be undertaken to make sure your light van is safe to drive include making sure all the lights work, that the brakes are in working order and that the tyres are legal. Garages have been allowed to remain open to carry out repairs and servicing to vehicles. It is worth noting that if you drive a light van in a dangerous condition you can get 3 penalty points on your driving license, be banned from driving the vehicle and also get fined as much as £2,500.