Van drivers will be interested to read that in the 3 month period December 2019 to February 2020 (Q1 2020), the average cost of car insurance rose to £755 per annum compared to £730 per annum for the previous quarter. It is quite possible that van insurance premiums may have also gone up in the same period that will disappoint van owners especially when you consider that lots of van owners run their own businesses and are struggling financially due to COVID-19.

The data relating to the average cost of car insurance can be found on the Compare The Market price comparison website.

The average cost of car insurance has risen by £47 per annum when comparing Q1 of 2020 with Q3 OF 2019 according to Compare the Market.

Apparently, according to the Premium Drivers report produced by the above comparison website, the average premium in Q4 of 2012 amounted to £559 per annum. So, premiums have risen significantly since then.

There are a huge number of vans insured here in the UK and there will no doubt be a significant number of policyholders who, when he or she receives a renewal quotation, do not bother to get a competitive quote to see if they can get a better deal elsewhere. It really does not take long to get a new quote so, when your policy is coming up for renewal, why not do so to see if you can save yourself some money.

There are an awful lot of providers of van insurance which helps make the market extremely competitive. A quick way of getting an alternative quote is by using a website like ours. It is a very simple process and you can arrange alternative cover quickly. We can help arrange cover on an extensive range of different types of van so it doesn’t matter if you are looking to insure a small van or a large one we should be able to assist. We look forward to being of help.