The motor trade sector has been going through some tough times in 2019. So, it is pleasing to read that the number of new vans sold here in the UK rose last year in comparison to 2018. We thought that we would share some interesting data relating to the sale of new vans published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Readers will no doubt be pleased to hear that the number of new vans registered here in the UK in 2019 amounted to 365,778 compared to 357, 325. That is a rise of 2.4% so it has to be said that is positive news.

If you look at the figures for December 2019 in isolation, the number of new van registration in December 2019 amounted to 27,551. Back in December 2018 the figure was 25.549. That equates to an increase of 7.8% – a most pleasing figure.

The most popular selling new van in 2019 was the Ford Transit Custom with 52,512 being sold last year. The Ford Transit was the second most popular new van sold in 2019 – 26,237. The third best selling new van here in the UK last year was the Mercedes- Benz Sprinter with 25,862 being sold.

You can view more statistical information relating to new UK van sales on the website of the SMMT.

There were no doubt a significant number of second hand vans that were put in part exchange for new vans last year. Many of those used vans will probably have been sold on to other customers who, for whatever reason, prefer not to invest in the purchase of a new van.

Whether you are looking to buy a new van or a second hand one, you should seriously consider trying to negotiate on the sale price of a vehicle. After all, if you don’t ask then you don’t get. Who knows, if you try to negotiate on the sale price of a van, you may be lucky and get a few pounds knocked off the sale price. There is a great deal of competition between motor traders involved in the buying and selling of used and new vans.

Having made the decision to buy a new van, you will want to get it insured. In this respect, why not get in touch with us today and we will be pleased to do all that we can to help you source quality, affordable van insurance. We look forward to being of assistance.