You will be aware that household expenditure is rising in the UK due to a number of things such as increased prices at petrol pumps, mortgage repayments and rental on homes increasing, increased domestic fuel bills, higher council tax bills and the cost of food going up to name but a few. So, what can you potentially do to lower the amount you are paying for your van insurance?

Shop around

Whether you are a first time driver or your existing van insurance is shortly coming up for renewal shop around to try to find a competitive deal. A great way of doing this is to use one or more price comparison websites. It is quick and simple to do so.

Make sure that your occupation is correctly stated when applying for cover

What you do for a living impacts upon how much you are charged for your cover so make sure that your occupation is correctly stated when applying for van insurance.


Make sure that you provide an accurate estimate of how many miles you do each year in your van. One way of doing this is to compare the recorded miles on last year’s MOT certificate with this year. The more mileage that you do then the more you could potentially pay for your cover.

Make and model of van

The make and model of the van you drive has a bearing upon how much you pay for your motor insurance. So, you could consider buying a van that comes in a cheaper insurance category.

Pay annually

If you can afford to pay an annual premium for your van insurance then it is quite possible that you will pay less overall than if you pay monthly as if you do the later interest is often added to the premium.

We hope that some of the above tips enable you to save something on your van insurance. Why not get in touch with us today to obtain a no-obligation, competitive van insurance quotation.