According to Manheim auctioneers, the average selling price of second hand LCVs increased in October 2020 by £546 to £8,936 when compared with the previous month of September 2020 when the average amount paid for a van rose by £232 in comparison to August 2020.

Apparently, the average mileage of used vans sold at auction also went up by 2,363 and the average age of second hand vans increased by 1.3 months. Is this an indication that van owners are holding on to their vehicles for a little longer?

Van owners looking to sell their vehicles will no doubt be pleased to read the above about selling prices especially in the current economic climate. Apparently, the market value of used vans has been increasing each month for the last few months and that may surprise some people considering we have and still are in a period of great uncertainty due to the impact of COVID-19.

Another interesting statistic produced by Manheim is that the average period taken to sell a used van passing through them was only 8.4 days. This statistic will no doubt impress van owners considering selling there used van through this auctioneer.

There are a number of ways to dispose of your used van. You may be able to sell it at auction or you could sell it privately by placing an advertisement in a suitable publication or you could put it in part exchange for either a new or used van. It is no secret that when part-exchanging a used van you are likely to be offered a lower price for it than if you were able to sell your second hand van privately.

Don’t forget, that you will need to insure your new or replacement used van. In this respect, why not get in contact with us and we will help you obtain a competitive van insurance quotation without any obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.