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Fleet Van Insurance

Fleet Van Insurance

Cheap fleet van insurance

If you are looking for fleet van insurance, then Cheaper Van Insurance can assist you. Using the fast and easy tools on the website, you can obtain and compare quotes from a panel of insurers. Many other price comparison websites do not focus on any one area of insurance needs, but here at Cheaper Van Insurance we are dedicated to assisting those who require van, camper van and truck insurance, as well as accompanying insurances such as for goods in transit, liabilities, tools in van and breakdown cover.

It is true that a broker can approach insurance companies on your behalf in order to obtain quotations. However, some brokers are limited in the number of insurers they deal with and, therefore, cannot access the range of insurers that you can at Cheaper Van Insurance. By obtaining your fleet van insurance quotations via the fast online quote request form, you can cut out the middleman and may save a significant amount of money.

When preparing to obtain quotations for a fleet van insurance policy, it is prudent to be well prepared. Therefore you should be sure to have some vital information to hand. It is beneficial to have all claims information ready, including your confirmed claims experience (CCE) from your current and previous insurers, as well as license and conviction details of all drivers who will be insured on your fleet van insurance policy. (Please note that spent convictions need not be disclosed under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.) The lower the claims frequency and amount paid on your claims experience, the lower your premium may be. Most importantly, ensure you have full and accurate vehicle details for each vehicle you require to be noted on your fleet van insurance policy, as this will be required for quotation, and many of the details will be noted on your fleet van insurance policy schedule.

"Cheaper fleet van insurance, or your money back"

With fleet van insurance, it is likely that you will require an 'any driver' policy, and many insurers will only offer this driving restriction for fleets, as naming drivers for each vehicle can be too administratively complicated. Many insurance companies will usually set the driving clause at 'any driver 25 and over with at least 1 year of experience'. Any driver who does not fit this description may be declined cover under the fleet van insurance policy. However, so long as the driver does not have any serious convictions, it is likely that an insurer will note the driver in a special clause, in order to provide cover. It is important to remember that adding a driver outside of the standard coverage will likely cause an increase in premium and/or an increased excess if said driver is involved in an accident. Similarly, if you require any driver with no age restrictions, to be covered, you will most likely pay a higher premium and have a higher excess to pay in the event of a claim.

It is probable that under a fleet van insurance policy, you will be able to add vehicles that are used for social, domestic and pleasure, but not for business purposes. These vehicles may include, but may not be limited to your personal car and cars of Directors in your company, should you have a business that is structured in this way. However, some insurers may not be willing to add vehicles owned by Directors, while others will, so long as the interests of the specific Directors are noted in a clause, and the policy is set up in the name of a company and not an individual proprietor's name.

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