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Liability Insurance

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Protect your business with liability insurance

When you are searching for a great deal on liability insurance, the easy-to-use tools on the Cheaper Van Insurance website can help. We can assist you in obtaining quotes from a panel of insurers for not only liability insurance, but also motor insurance for vans, trucks and camper vans. As we specialise in van insurance, we also provide services for the other scopes of cover you may need such as tools in van insurance and breakdown cover. When comparing quotes online, it can be confusing, and that is why we focus on van insurance so that we can tailor the services to meet your needs.

There are various types of liability insurance that you may require. Some liability insurance is required by law, while other liability insurance is optional. When you run a business, public liability insurance is necessary if customers come to your premises, or if you go to the premises of your customers. Public liability insurance covers the following:

  • Claims for injuries to third parties caused by you or your business
  • Cost of damage caused to third party property by you or your business
  • Legal fees relating to claims
  • Hospital treatment and ambulance costs, which the NHS may claim from you for third party injuries

Premiums for public liability insurance are rated based on the type of business you operate and the annual turnover of your business. In general, public liability insurance is not mandatory, but some particular types of business must hold public liability insurance, by law.

"Liability insurance protects your business from claims"

If you employ people to work for your business, you will need employers' liability insurance providing cover up to £5 million, and this is required by law. If your business is not a limited company and you are the only employee, you are not required, by law, to hold an employers' liability insurance policy. If your business is a limited company, and you only employ one person who holds a 50 percent share, then this is another instance where you are not required to hold employers' liability insurance. However, if you are exempt, this does not mean that you are unable to purchase the cover. If you are legally required to have an employers' liability insurance policy, and you do not obtain the required cover, you could be fined up to £2,500 for each day that you do not hold the adequate insurance.

If you are not sure of the category under which your business lies, the following general definition of an employee may assist you:

  • The person is under a contract of service
  • You deduct National Insurance and income tax from the salary that you pay to the person
  • You control when and where the person works
  • The person is not able to employ a substitute for when they are unable to work

Most employers' liability insurance policies available will have a broad definition of an employee, which will cover most circumstances.

If you sell or provide any physical products, you may need product liability insurance. Product liability insurance will insure your business for personal injury to third parties and damage to third party property, caused by your products. If a product you provide is found to be faulty, a third party may try to claim from you, even if you did not manufacture said product. Therefore, it is prudent to obtain product liability insurance to ensure that you are financially protected.

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