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Private Van Insurance

Private Van Insurance

Cheaper private van insurance, or your money back

When you require a private van insurance policy, the online tools at Cheaper Van Insurance can be especially helpful. By completing the simple online quote request form, you can obtain quotations from a panel of insurers. Brokers may only have access to the few insurers with which they do business, but here at Cheaper Van Insurance you will be able to access many insurers in just a few minutes, giving you the best chance of obtaining a great deal on your private van insurance, with no broker fees to add to your premium.

When you only use your vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) purposes, you will require a private van insurance policy. SDP use also covers you for commuting to and from a fixed place of work. If you must travel to various places of business, and do not only commute to one place each day, then you may require a business van insurance policy. It is important to assess exactly what your vehicle is used for, as an insurer may not be liable to pay in the event of a claim, should the use noted on your private van insurance policy be incorrect. It is vital that you be as honest as possible when obtaining quotations, in order to get the most accurate quote and to avoid complications during your private van insurance policy's duration. If information on the private van insurance policy is found to be false, an insurer may cancel the policy without notice, and this can be especially problematic for the policyholder.

"Cheaper private van insurance, guaranteed"

The minimum level of cover you are required to have on your private van insurance policy, by law, is third party only (TPO). However, this is a very basic level of cover, which only insures your liability to third parties and third party property. TPO will not cover any damage to or loss of your own vehicle. Some insurers will not provide this basic cover for vehicles over a certain value, and it would be in your best interest to obtain a higher level of cover on your private van insurance policy if your vehicle would be especially costly for you to replace or repair. Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) cover is a little more beneficial to the private van insurance policyholder. This cover would protect you financially if your vehicle were to be stolen or lost in a fire, as well as providing the cover given under TPO. Comprehensive cover is the most beneficial to the private van insurance policyholder. Comprehensive cover provides insurance as depicted for TPO and TPFT, but adds to it the cover for loss of or damage to your own vehicle if an accident were to occur.

If you have no claims bonus (NCB) earned on another vehicle of a similar size to your van, and said vehicle has now been sold, you may be able to transfer the earned NCB to your private van insurance policy, so long as you have not had a claim that was deemed to be your fault. Similarly, if you have not sold the vehicle that has earned the NCB, an insurer may be willing to give an enhanced introductory NCB discount on your private van insurance policy. If you have had an at-fault claim on any other motor policy, it is important that you give details of the incident to the insurer providing you with a new private van insurance policy. Failing to inform the new insurer of these details could result in cancellation of your private van insurance policy, or may lead to a lack of cover at the time of a new claim.

You can begin obtaining competitive quotations for your private van insurance by using the Cheaper Van Insurance online quote request form. Click on the 'Get a Van Quote' button now in order to search for the deal that's right for you.

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