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Short Term Van Insurance

Short Term Van InsuranceThere may be occasions where you find yourself needing short term van insurance. At Cheaper Van Insurance, you can source quotations from a panel of insurers with one easy online quote request form. Some other insurance comparison website don't focus on a particular area of the market, but here we specialise in insurance for vans, trucks, camper vans and other related insurance types, so we can better tailor services to your needs. 

Some brokers may temporarily add a van to a current policy you hold with them, and they may possibly charge you a fee for the additional services. It is important to note that should you not know the date and time at which cover is to cease on your short term van insurance, you may need to acquire a regular van insurance policy, which can also be sourced here on the Cheaper Van Insurance website.

When obtaining short term van insurance, it is vital that you ascertain whether you are legally able to purchase a policy. Primarily, insurable interest must be present. Insurable interest means that you would stand to lose out financially should damage to or loss of the vehicle occur. This means that either you will have to be the registered owner of the vehicle requiring short term van insurance, or there should be a legal contract in place between you and the company or individual you are renting said vehicle from, which states that you are financially responsible for any damage or loss. This is a fundamental rule of motor insurance, and if insurable interest is not present at the time of a claim, the insurance company will not be liable to pay.

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Short Term Van Insurance

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If you will be borrowing a vehicle from a friend or family member, with no legal contract in place and no transfer of registered owner, you cannot purchase the short term van insurance policy. The person from whom you have borrowed the vehicle must add you as a driver to his or her own policy for said vehicle, or purchase their own short term van insurance policy, noting you as a driver, if they do not have a regular motor policy already in place. It is a common misconception that if you have your own vehicle insured, and the person lending you a vehicle has the loan vehicle insured, then you may be fully covered whilst borrowing said vehicle. However, this is not the case for many insurance policies, and advice from the insurer should always be sought as to what amendments need to be made to a policy in these circumstances.

It may be the case that you require short term van insurance at short notice, due to an emergency or other circumstance. In these instances, it can be tempting to take possession of and start driving the vehicle before relevant insurance is in place. However, it is imperative that insurance is purchased beforehand, as cover cannot be backdated. This means that you may not inform the insurance company that you required cover an hour ago, for example. Similarly, where short term van insurance is concerned, you should endeavour to provide an accurate time and date when cover is to cease. This is the most financially sound action for you to take, as most insurance companies will only cease cover at the time of being instructed, or at a time they have been informed of, previously.

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